When it comes to Health & Safety Animation Videos, no matter what industry you are in or where you are in the world, Creative Drop the company of people you can count on to empower you with videos that keep your employees, neighbors and the environment safe.

  • Conceptualization

    Conceptualizing the need of 3D animated video to explain the risk and hazards involved in any task and visualizing the 3D animated scenario.

  • Brainstorming

    Collecting brief details from the client and brainstorming with our expert team of 3D safety animation.

  • Execution

    Writing a professional script and scenario then converting it to 3d modeling and story board.

  • Refining

    Refining the details and correcting the scenarios for animation and rendering.

  • Finalization

    Production of a high quality premium 3d animated video for the Health & Safety purpose.

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Selected Work

Alignment of Equipment or Pipes

3d safety animated video for alignment of equipment or pipes. Showing the correct procedure to avoid hazards and risks involved in such task.
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Life Saving Rules – Offshore

3D safety animation video of basic lifesaving rules while working in an offshore plant, highlighting the dangers and showing the signs accordingly.
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Life Saving Rules – Onshore

3D safety animation video of basic lifesaving rules while working in an onshore plant, highlighting the dangers and showing the signs accordingly.
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The Right Tool for the Job

3D Animation Health & Safety Video for educational purpose to use the right tool for any task to avoid the hazards and risk involved.
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Correct Movement of Load

3D Animation and Motion graphics video describing the hazards and risks involve in movement of load and showing the correct technique.
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Working on Elevated Platform

Safety Animation film describing the hazards involved while working on an elevated platform and showing correct procedure.
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Our Clients

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At Creative Drop, we have an in-house Animation studio.

We combine creative animation development expertise and the vast and practical work experience of mainstream EHS; to bring out amazing, result oriented Health & Safety Animated Videos.

Our EHS Experts are involved right from the conceptual phase, including detailed study of requirement, client procedures / policies, analysis of purpose and key areas to be highlighted to achieve a perfect animated video.


Creative Drop develops movies keeping in view client’s requirements. We conduct a detailed study of client’s EHS policies/procedures and also consider client’s working environment and level of targeted audiences. Some of the categories we cater in the 3D Safety Animation Mover are:

  • Safety Induction
  • Equipment’s Safe Operating Procedures
  • Animated E-Learning Training Programs
  • Recreating Accident / Incident using Animation
  • Recreating Near-miss scenarios using Animation
  • Visitor Induction
  • Life Saving Rules
  • Training Modules
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Why safety 3d video?

The main advantage of using 3D animation for Health & Safety is that videos showing accidents and incidents can be created without the need to film in dangerous locations, and without the need to put anyone at any risk whatsoever.

Our characters are ready and waiting to be dropped, squashed or whacked and still come back for more! For situations of a serious nature, we can also use more realistic characters, or create bespoke characters to suit your requirements. All characters can be dressed in company specific outfits with relevant logos, work equipment and PPE.

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Say Hello!

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